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Join us to create a world where each person can learn in a simple and impactful way throughout their lives.


Benefits that make hackÜ the best place to work

We are a remote culture, so you can work from wherever you want

Biblioteca Virtual

You will have autonomy to propose and build

Support in courses and certifications

Flexible schedules

Discounts for English classes

Medical and psychological support 24/7

Paternity leave longer than the law

Support in the first psychology sessions

Oportunidad de Stock Options

Competitive salary and salary review 2 times a year

Extra vacation days in December



Head of happiness

“Trabajar en hackÜ me ha brindado la oportunidad de hacer lo que más me gusta desde cualquier parte del mundo, me ha permitido confiar más en mi y de lo que soy capaz de hacer. También, con hackÜ he conocido personas increíbles y me ha enseñado a ser mejor en mi trabajo y como persona.”

In the Employers for Youth ranking we are the 3rd best startup for Young Professionals in Colombia

Employers for Youth-hackU-Colombia.png

We will work with you to boost your development and help you achieveyour next milestone

Meet the team

Our values

I do it

We are willing to do, create and help our team when we see that there is something that needs to be solved. We get into everything!


We act thinking about what is best for hackU. We have a positive attitude towards challenges and are willing to learn and adapt to new situations.

Passionate optimists

We love to work, we like what we do and each time we want to find how to do it better. If everyone says no, we say yes and we achieve it.

Open to feedback and humble

We make mistakes, we internalize them, we recognize them and we learn. The important thing is not not to make the mistake, it is to be humble to recognize it and work to be better every day. We ask for constant feedback and receive it with the same love that is sent.

Learning is in our DNA

We learn every day, we all know about e-learning, about how startups work, we know our product in depth and we are all the time identifying better tools and processes to be more effective.

We are the best version of ourselves

We treat people with the utmost respect and admiration because we are all equally valuable.

Our day to day

All hands Meeting

Every 15 days we meet and talk about the general progress of hackU, the data by area, we discuss pains and propose ideas.


Every month we have an open space to ask, create and give feedback. This space is protected so that we can all ask and comment on whatever comes to mind. "There is no crazy question" on hackU.

Beer Session

¿Qué mejor que tomarte un tiempo para "parchar" con tu equipo con una cerveza, vino, limonada, agua en la mano ? Cada 15 días nos reunimos a contar chistes, conocernos más y no parar de reír.

1 on 1

Every 15 days you will have a meeting with your direct leader, who will accompany you to bring out the best in you and grow rapidly within hackU. In these meetings you will have feedback talks, expectations, results and commitments.

Bring success to your teams

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